Geraldine Formby from South Africa 08/08/2013


Magnificent view and swimming pool

Each sunset from the balcony was an incredible experience…

The wide garden with a rounded pool and the spectacular balcony were worth the whole cost of the holiday…


Emily Ericsson from California – U.S.A. 08/25/2013

Unbeatable Tuscany

It was the first time in Tuscany, we did not imagine how beautiful could be

We booked a lovely villa in Volterra through the agency Windows on Tuscany, we discover a brand new lifestyle, the magnificent food and wine, welcoming and happy people: we will come back for sure.


Andrés Jorquera from Spain 09/06/2013

Super stay in Versilia

So different from Spain, but really really enjoyable

Recommended place for those who want to spend an easy and funny holiday: get some sunshine in the afternoon and hang out with friends in the night…Great


Maksim Deviatyarov from Russia 09/20/2012

Personalized and specialized service

I was with my family: a special place to stay

I want to thank the agency Windows Tuscany for their efficiency: once we arrived at the villa we found everything we asked for, everything was perfect, the welcome very warm.


George Lebanner from France 05/10/2013

The villa exceeded our expectations

It’s large, clean and spacious. The kids had an absolute ball and really enjoyed themselves. Everything is in walking distance


Alexander Iglinsky from Belarus 05/12/2013

Fabulous villa in the heart of the Chianti region

The villa is wonderful, the views from the porches and every room are exactly what you want in Tuscany, one could spend hours just relaxing and enjoying the scenery

We had a family trip in May and stayed for a week. The villa itself is so warm and comfortable, a family of 8 adults was able to relax together yet everyone had their own space


Melanie Scottmeyer from Texas – U.S.A. 05/30/2013

A wonderful experience for a group of friends

A group of us came together to celebrate a 60th birthday…

We stayed for a week: the little town was quiet, picturesque and within reach of everywhere (we had a car).The bus for Siena is at the bottom of the street. I will return


Philip Dixon from New Zealand 06/01/2013

Such an exquisite wedding

An extremely wide villa surrounded by cypresses and hedges, just few kilometers away from the beautiful Florence...

My daughter married in a stunning setting, that’s what we asked for. Windows on Italy found us the right place to stay: excellent location, well-kept, recommended


Jesus Carotti from Argentina 06/20/2013

Rejoining my parents in a nice place

I felt at home with my parents: I have been abroad for 3 years…

Me and my parents decided to rejoin in a magnificent place, we spent a week together and we enjoyed like never before: I will remember forever these moments.


Xi Ling-Hu from China 07/06/2013

Refined and renovated villa with sauna and Jacuzzi included

A superb villa full of facilities, my children had a lot of fun…

Me and my family decided to spend a month is Tuscany, we wanted to find something exclusive: Windows on Tuscany offered the best of the best.


Julienne Chavanel from France 07/24/2013

Excellent service and personnel

Windows on Tuscany let me organize an unforgettable holiday

My stay in Castiglione della Pescaia was very good: I kept in contact with the agency to firm up every detail of our stay, and the result was unquestionable.


Maksim Deviatyarov from Russia 09/20/2013


Personalized and specialized service

I was in Roccamare with my family.

We are a group of friends who decided to spend some days in Forte dei Marmi: the agency Windows on Tuscany proposed us a really nice villa really close to the seaside: we admired fireworks from the balcony and we celebrate one of our best new year’s day!


Agapita Torrente from Colombia 01/09/2013

Great new year

A fantastic way to celebrate

We are a group of friends who decided to spend some days in Forte dei Marmi: the agency Windows on Tuscany proposed us a really nice villa really close to the seaside: we admired fireworks from the balcony and we celebrate one of our best new year’s day!


Thomas Remmelnick from Germany 03/08/2013

Stunning location and efficient service

Me and my wife were surprised: we arrived and found the villa in perfect conditions, we couldn’t ask for more

We wanted to spend two weeks and celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, and we chose the right property: a villa very close to Siena and its picturesque landscapes, well-furnished and with classic design, the typical Renaissance art, a small gem.


Petter Gunnarson from Norway 04/02/2013

Great experience with our families

We came to Chianti with my families and my friends: each time we travel to Tuscany we find an enchanted atmosphere, panoramas, food and wine.

This year we spent an easy but funny stay with our friends and their kids:
we are always happy to meet welcoming people (special thanks to Windows on Tuscany’s accounts), we also found riding stables to entertain our sons…


Jean-Luc Marchand from Belgium 04/11/2013

A wonderful villa few steps away from Florence

An enchanting holiday in an enchanting city…

We want to say thanks to Windows on Tuscany because of their help: we spent an untroubled weekend in a quite property immersed in nature but only 2 kilometres away from the city center.


Masuko Higazawa from Japan 04/14/2013

A dream come true

We could not ask for more, our holiday in Versilia is just the first of many others…

We booked a modern villa on the famous Tuscan hills, but we were able to admire the sea from our garden too. Our children were enthusiastic as well.
We found a relaxing and healthy place where to come back, maybe the next year!


Christa Coletti from New Jersey –U.S.A. 05/03/2013

Simply the best

Our fourth journey in Italy was really really good, and we found exactly what we expected!

The staff of Windows on Tuscany was extremely professional, their prompt replies helped us to take a decision, and now we don’t regret: thank you!


Jason McConnally from New Zealand 05/07/2013

Unforgettable wedding

I went to my cousin's wedding where the ceremony was held at the villa. It is absolutely a spectacular setting for a wedding, overlooking lake Como…

The agency Windows on Italy-Tuscany  organized our stay at the villa, and provided us an expert cook,  a transfer for our guests and the arrival by boat…We were also lucky to find a fair weather: definitely an unforgettable day.


Nicola Hewitt from Minnesota - U.S.A. 05/23/2013

First-class stay in such a charming place

We are really satisfied, we spent a lovely week in the beautiful Tuscan countryside…

Our stay was practically perfect, the property owner and his wife were so kind: they gave us lots of suggestions about where to eat, places to visit and so on.
Windows on Italy was helpful, the staff extremely welcoming…Recommended!